Philly Wreck

Philly Wreck, the Philadelphia Hip-Hop producer, who was known in the mix-tape world as DJ Wreck.  He is a national Mix-Tape DJ Legend who represented Philadelphia. He has received numerous mix-tape nominations from the former World Famous Justo’s Mix-Tape Awards in New York City, articles from the media including MTV.com, and radio guest spots on Power 99 FM (WUSL). Currently, Philly Wreck has retired from the DJ world and traded in the Techniques for the MPC. In 2010, Philly Wreck began producing and has worked hard to create a diverse set of beats. Specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop music, Philly Wreck the Philadelphia producer, uses different producing styles to create a unique beat by sampling or creating original beats from scratch.

If you want a beat that sounds like everyone else, you won’t be interested in his style. His beats and producing style won’t sound like Lex Lugar or NoID, it will sound like Philly Wreck. With the help of the Phire Music Management, he hopes to make placements with local and mainstream artists. Artists who need their music to stand out will benefit from the talent of Philly Wreck!!!

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