Phire Music Management is the sister company of the entertainment company PHIRE (Philadelphia Records & Entertainment) MUSIC. Phire Music Management is a music artist management company based out of Philadelphia. The newly formed company is headed by business and marketing professionals with music industry and artist management experiences. Their primary focus is to build the client’s brand awareness and create financial opportunities. Phire Music Management is engaged and active in the promotion of the music artist.  They are interested in new Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop music artists, DJs, and producers. Feel free to submit demos and music to phiremusicmgmt@gmail.com.

Phire Music Management is connected to DJs, radio, blogs, and other media across the country. The difference in this company compared to other music artist management companies is that Phire Music Management is engaged and active in the promotion of the music artist. They use social media, email blasts, press releases, and promotional representatives to promote the artist and their projects. For example, they engage DJs in distributing the music and persuade them to play the records.

In addition, Phire Music Management prides itself on its contacts.  They have major record label A&R contacts. Getting record deals are more than just connections, but there is no question that they can get their clients’ music in front of A&Rs, which is at least the first step.

Phire Music Management manages its clients in a professional manner, and helps mold their careers. By creating marketing strategies, they take an active role in their promotion and brand development. These business professionals have the experience in booking, contract negotiations, and managing financial opportunities, such as show bookings. Phire Music Management will work with its clients of great music talent to create, achieve, and manage the best opportunities possible.

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